“Formula student” is the biggest world competition for engineering students. More than 450 teams participate every year. The goal of the competition is for the students to design and build their own formula racecar and compete on F1 tracks like Silverstone, Hockenheim, Catalunya etc. Their efforts and skills are evaluated by F1 judges and representatives. This is a great opportunity for the students to participate in a full scale project during their education and develop their engineering skills, teamwork, fulfilling deadlines, foreign language practicing, leadership and management skills, as well as have fun, study from the best world engineers and their experience and be in touch with the latest technologies and engineering techniques. The competition is an opportunity to create a relation between the students and the industry. On a large scale, “Formula student” is supported by the biggest engineering companies.

The first Bulgarian team of successful and highly motivated students from the Technical University of Sofia was formed with the idea of making Bulgaria part of the competition. After a year of research and design work the first Bulgarian formula is ready to be built. For this stage to take place the team needs the support of reliable partners. The participating students are from the Faculty of Industrial technology, the Machine-building faculty, The German faculty, Faculty of Industrial engineering in English, Faculty of Electronic, Faculty of Transportation and Faculty of Aviation. The project received the full support from the universities’ management, professors and assistants.

Boncho Varhoshkov

Team leader & Suspension

Dimitar Moraliyski

Composit materials and
aero components

Cvetan Zahariev


Kiril Cvetkov


Aleksandar Mikev

Sensors & electornics

Mariyan Stoychev

Engine & Drivetrain

Viktor Georgiev

Electrical system

Elmaz Chikurtev

Design and Aerodynamics

Lubomir Gerasimov

Design and Aerodynamics

Vasil Uzunov

Design and Aerodynamics