Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria is a producer of Power Transformers and Tap Changers with more than 60 years of experience. The quality of the company’s products is recognised worldwide as they are used in numerous of energy systems and production undertakings in more than 50 countries all around the globe. Read more at: Read more about Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria[…]


  Carbon fiber is a leading component of every modern sports car. We’re proud to have our first formula race car bod and wing manufactured from carbon fiber using technologies close to Formula 1, thanks to our partners from Mcomposit! Find out more about their projects from our gallery, as well as on their website: Read more about MComposit[…]

FSAE Italy

Altough the good results on the static events, our car didn’t pass scrutineering and we miss dynamic events. The experience we won is priceless and we are heading home for Bulgaria to prepare the car for FSAE Hungary!

DB Schenker Bulgaria

DB Schenker Bulgaria is the official logistic partner of the first Bulgarian Formula Student team! The company is an international leader in the field of Transport and Logistics, with more than 65 000 highly qualified employees in 2000 locations. With a long-standing international experience and more than 20 years of successful business in Bulgaria, today Read more about DB Schenker Bulgaria[…]